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So dry the trees are looking for a dog

We had a great storm last night with tonnes of rain, so the title phrase does not apply, but it’s Australia Day, so I suppose I’d better be patriotic and say something fair dinkum. I’m celebrating the continent and its … Continue reading

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Yes, there are tigers in Australia

… and I don’t just mean the late lamented extinct Tasmanian tigers. Butterflies of the subfamily Danainae are commonly called ‘crows’ or ‘tigers’, but I really don’t know why. Our neighbours have peacocks, but I haven’t noticed these butterflies stalking … Continue reading

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My, what long arms you have …

This species of estuarine shrimp, Macrobrachium novaehollandiae, was found by a friend in Fishery Creek, Ballina. According to the IUCN Red List website, it occurs in the Cape Leveque and Fitzroy River basins (Western Australia), Buckingham River basin (Northern Territory) … Continue reading

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The screams in the sky

We are lucky in this country, along with South America, to have lots of parrots. They are beautiful and (unless they are eating your farmed crops) endearing. And noisy. And even noisier in large groups. Towards dusk last night, we … Continue reading

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White goshawk

A friend took this shot of a white goshawk (the white morph of the grey goshawk, Accipiter novaehollandiae) out the back of Nimbin recently. Goshawks feed on rabbits, possums, bats, birds, small mammals, reptiles and insects, and form permanent pairs … Continue reading

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No go the mango

I love subtropical fruits – mangoes, paw paws and so on. When backpacking in Malaysia and Indonesia, I even managed to overcome the vomitous smell of durian to taste it – yummy! When we first moved here, I discovered we … Continue reading

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