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When is a paddock not a paddock?

When it’s a wetland, and apparently the pale-vented bush-hen (Amaurornis moluccana) thinks ours qualifies. I heard this bird for the first time last night, and the description on the Michael Morcombe and David Stewart bird app of “noisy” is about … Continue reading

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More Five Corners fungi

Continuing from the previous post, here are more of Mazza’s fungi photos, in no particular order.   More to follow in the next few posts.

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The song of the mushrooms woke me from my bed

That title is the wonderful first sentence in “That sounds fungi, it must be the dawn chorus”, chapter in Terry Pratchett, “A Slip of the Keyboard: Collected Non-fiction” (2014, Doubleday). Teachers of writing have said that the first sentence is … Continue reading

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