Best mailbox ever!

Here in the countryside, we often see interesting things used as mailboxes – old milk cans, small metal animals and so forth. An acquaintance has an old toilet bowl (cleaned) with lid at the bottom of her driveway, as she figures her bills deserve nothing less. Fortunately no one has made more, shall we say, appropriate deposits.

About 40 km from Tenterfield, nearing the small town of Deepwater (I keep wanting to call it “Dark Water”, after the penultimate Doctor Who episode last season), we were playing I-spy to pass the time … paddocks, boulders, cows, trees, sheep, sheep, dalek, sheep – WHAT?!

A dalek called "Dwater"

A dalek called “Dwater”

It’s about 5’6″ tall, and designed as a mailbox. A plaque nearby tells the story …

The story of the Deepwater dalek

The story of the Deepwater dalek

I can imagine this dalek wandering the hills looking for verminous victims to exterminate – did it shriek “Ex-vermin-ate!”?

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3 Responses to Best mailbox ever!

  1. janebeau says:

    Oh that is brilliant! Do you know this person? Must be compatible 🙂

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