A whole lotta muscle!

Things that go bump in the night are always intriguing around here. Last night it was a crash from the back deck that had me investigating. It was the local carpet python (Morelia spilota), probably the one that occasionally lives in the roof, and it had knocked over a ceramic candlestick.

Python_2This beauty is over three metres long, if the shed skin I found two years ago is anything to go by. It’s probably much bigger by now, and is easily thicker than my upper forearm.

Many people have resident pythons around here, great for keeping down the numbers of rats and mice (and possums – see here). If you have chooks, you need to protect them against hungry snakes or be prepared to lose a few.

Python_3Python_4What are you looking for, peripatetic python? Do you want to say hello to my medusa?

Python_5She’s got more snakes than you, but then she is already stone. Must have looked in a mirror.

After annoying the hell out of the python with the camera so that it crawled into a ball, we turned off the lights and let it go in peace. Happy hunting, my little lovely!

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6 Responses to A whole lotta muscle!

  1. Roz says:

    Beautiful snake, so glad you like and look after it

  2. janebeau says:

    How beautiful! Try a bit of snake charming 🙂

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