Romance among the roses

A couple of posts back, I mentioned the two female Macleay’s spectres (giant spiny stick insects, Extatosoma tiaratum tiaratum) in my rose bush. They’re still there and I enjoy trying to find them every day. I don’t always succeed first time as they are incredibly well camouflaged. Something so large and obvious (once you see it) can hide really well.

I also mentioned that the males are much smaller and thinner than the females, and a couple of days ago was thrilled to discover one such male attached to one of the females. He’s still around, sometimes in the act of mating and sometimes on his own. Here are some shots.

Mating Macleays_1

Male Macleays spectre

Male Macleay’s spectre stick insect

Mating Macleays_2 Mating Macleays_3


My rose bush is rapidly losing its leaves – I’ve seen the stick insects munching madly at night – but who cares? It’s worth it to have these guests.

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3 Responses to Romance among the roses

  1. portplaces says:

    Pretty intense – glad that your observational interest trumps worry about the roses

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