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The love birds

We’ve had a flock of 35 yellow-tailed black cockatoos around for a week or so. They feed on pine cone seeds and the like, and they are big birds. They have a loud, distinctive call, ascending and descending, which could … Continue reading

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A pot of gold in the front yard?

It’s not often you see a rainbow in your own front yard. We were sitting on the front porch appreciating a thunderstorm the other day, and noticed this one as the sun started to break through. Red-necked pademelons live in … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous moths and mushrooms

Wandering and/or bashing along bush tracks, we often saw life forms of various persuasions. Moths, for example …   … and mushrooms. I took most of the following photos in the Tarkine, a cool temperate rainforest. The others were in … Continue reading

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Tasmanian devil trip – some things I missed out on …

… because I was in a different group when they happened, but Betty and Di kindly shared their photos with me. Thanks, you two! I went with a group spotlighting and petroglyphing with Sebastien, but chose to go looking for … Continue reading

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Poetry corner

High country weather Alone we are born And die alone Yet see the red-gold cirrus over snow-mountain shine. Upon the upland road Ride easy, stranger Surrender to the sky Your heart of anger. (James Baxter, NZ poet)

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