The love birds

We’ve had a flock of 35 yellow-tailed black cockatoos around for a week or so. They feed on pine cone seeds and the like, and they are big birds.

They have a loud, distinctive call, ascending and descending, which could be heard as a cry of delight. Hear it on the Birds in Backyards website here.

For some reason, a few decided to alight on the statue of Aphrodite/Venus in the front yard. Hence the title of the post (geddit?).

Sorry that the images are a bit fuzzy but I had to take them through a flyscreen. Plus they move fast!

Yellow-tailed black cockatoos_1 Yellow-tailed black cockatoos_2 Yellow-tailed black cockatoos_3 Yellow-tailed black cockatoos_4 Yellow-tailed black cockatoos_5


So much for those small parrots in pet shops laughingly called ‘lovebirds’ – I’d rather have these!

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1 Response to The love birds

  1. janebeau says:

    How very lovely! X Jane

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