Peron’s tree frog

This past summer’s wet season was not very wet at all and we hardly heard any frogs nor saw any, apart from the odd desperate-looking cane toad. The noise of the male frogs of many species calling for mates at night can be positively deafening when the weather is warm and wet.

So it was with some surprise that I found two Peron’s tree frogs (Litoria peronii) on the side of the washing machine this morning. I’m calling them Fisher and Paykel 🙂

(For those that don’t know, Fisher & Paykel is a brand of washing machine. They are also called emerald-spotted tree frogs for the obvious reason and I’ve posted about them before.)


Fisher, a Peron’s tree frog (Litoria peronii)




When I was carefully moving them to the garden (not touching them with my skin, especially as it might have had detergent on it), I noticed the black spots on the bright yellow colouring on the insides of their thighs – I suppose it shows up as a flash of perhaps startling brightness when they jump away from predators. Otherwise they are pretty well camouflaged.



With the end of the El Nino, the weather bureau is predicting above average winter rain. Let’s hope it helps animals like these survive.

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