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Lichen larva

Here’s another photo from deepest, darkest Ashby, near Maclean. Peter asked me to ID this strange leafy thing (all the photos of the lichen monster below are Peter’s). I initially thought it might be some sort of lichen fruiting body, … Continue reading

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Pretty (and) stinky

My lovely friends sometimes send me photos of interesting things. One such is the fruit body of the stinkhorn, Phallus indusiatus. It is sometimes called the crinoline fungus because of its stiff, white ‘petticoat’ (in botanical terms, the indusium). This … Continue reading

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Stink bug

Here’s another bug found by Liam on the Larapinta Trail, west of Alice Springs. According to the SA Museum, it’s a stink bug, Poecilometis nigriventis superbus.       The Queensland Museum says: Both the adults and nymphs of stink … Continue reading

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Blistered grasshopper

Field ecologist Liam Bolitho has been walking the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory and gave me this photo of the stunning blistered grasshopper (Monistria pustulifera), also known as the inland painted grasshopper or blistered pygromorph. It’s gorgeous! The Atlas … Continue reading

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A jewel of the forest

We were fortunate to come across a noisy pitta (Pitta versicolor) in the Lennox Head headland littoral rainforest recently. We heard something foraging among the leaves and at first thought the sound was of a brush turkey scratching in the … Continue reading

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How much wood would a wood duck … er … chuck?

Wood ducks (Chenonetta jubata, aka maned ducks) are common birds that hang around water, eating grasses, herbs and the occasional insect. They are so pretty and charming. Males (with the ‘mane’) and females have slightly different plumage (sexually dimorphic). You … Continue reading

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