Big Scrub Rainforest Day 2016

Unfortunately, I won’t be going to this as I will be on Lord Howe Island on a citizen science project investigating insects, but the program does look good. (Unfortunately?)




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5 Responses to Big Scrub Rainforest Day 2016

  1. janebeau says:

    Ah well, can’t win them all 😦

  2. Betty says:

    Sounds like a fantastic event. Sorry I can’t be there.

  3. Kathy Pearce says:

    I envy you going to Lord Howe!

    I would love to hear about what’s happening there.

    I have not had time to do my travel log of New Zealand, being flat out with mother duties, the business, and trying to have a bit of relaxation at the art gallery and walking.

    Hope you and Andrew are well.

    Regards, Kath

    • Joy Window says:

      Hi Kath. I’ll be doing some blog posts when I get back. Am looking forward to reading your NZ adventures when you have time to write them up. Speaking of art, we are going to the Swell at Currumbin this week – it’s like Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi.

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