The peregrinating spider

Prue and I went to Mt Tomah Botanic Gardens, whose trees and shrubs have grown tremendously since I first went there.

While sauntering along its mossy paths, a movement caught my eye. It was a very fast-moving, colourful little spider. Its name, Nicodamus peregrinus, is pretty descriptive of its wandering habit.



nicodamus-peregrinus_9Forgive the slight blur – this critter was moving fast. I’d never seen one before, despite it being very common in southern and eastern Australia. Here’s a sharp shot by someone else.


Nicodamas peregrinus; photo by Poyt448 Peter Woodard, Wikimedia Commons

It’s apparently not poisonous despite the bright colouration, so maybe it’s developed a mimicry of, say, a redback spider to scare off would-be predators.

A sunbeam highlighted (literally) a hanging web.


A pair of eastern yellow robins (Eopsaltria australis) caught worms …

Easter yellow robins

Eastern yellow robins

Garden skinks (Lampropholis delicata) were all over the place …

Lampropholis delicata

Garden skink, Lampropholis delicata

Mt Tomah Botanic Gardens is definitely worth a visit. It makes for a pleasant amble through lots of vegetation types, both native and exotic. In fact, a good place to peregrinate.

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1 Response to The peregrinating spider

  1. janebeau says:

    Looks really interesting. Pretty spider!

    X j

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