Barker’s Vale fungi

Barker’s Vale is about 20 km north of me. Thanks to Brigitte who has let me use her photographs. I’ll not attempt to ID them – this is just a photographic record that they exist at her place. I haven’t got my head around the fungi enough yet, but I’m going on Steve Axford‘s fungal foray on Saturday so should pick up some tips. (Steve lives not too far away and specialises in photographing fungi. His luminous fungi are shown in the latest David Attenborough series.)



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5 Responses to Barker’s Vale fungi

  1. Josn says:

    Wonderful collection! Hope you have a great foray!

  2. Roz says:

    What a wonderful collection of photos of such a diverse subject.
    And what a wonderful guide to have, i hope your foray is tops.

  3. Cate Clark says:

    What a multitude there are of these quiet beauties!

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