Big Scrub Landcare fungal foray (Part 2)

This is the second part of my fungi photos from the Nightcap National Park foray last weekend. Part 1 is here.

These beauties …

… come from these ‘babies’ …

Underside of the fungus in the previous photo

Phillipsia subpurpurea

Phillipsia subpurpurea underside


A yellow mycelium (the main part of fungus through which nutrients are absorbed) growing on a rotting log

Catherine searching out fungi


Non-fungi finds

Slime mould

Another slime mould

The giant panda snail (Hedleyella falconeri) is Australia’s largest land snail and (surprise, surprise) eats fungi.

Hedleyella falconeri

Hedleyella falconeri underside

Vine aerial roots

What the Big Scrub might have looked like, before it was cut down


Keep an eye out for another fungal foray later in the year, thanks to Big Scrub Landcare. Thanks to Steve and Catherine for a sterling guiding effort.

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7 Responses to Big Scrub Landcare fungal foray (Part 2)

  1. Josn says:

    A really great collection of exotic fungi. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Prue Gargano says:

    Some great shots! So the remnant vegetation is similar to that at Maleny?

  3. Kath says:

    How good are your photos! Thanks for the names…!
    Maybe this east coast low is giving us a boon in fungi. We have seen some interesting ones (which of course we can’t identify) at North Head, Sydney. The revegetation is progressing well.

    • Joy Window says:

      Thanks, Kath. Wish I knew more of the names, but I’m working on that. Interestingly, Steve said it was more humidity that rain that brought the fruiting bodies out. I;m haooy to put up your fungi photos if you have any.

  4. Roz says:

    The fungi and scenery, all stunning. But that snail!
    I’m about to upload local fungi pics on my Fb page. There’s also a couple of pics of tiny tiny snails. I didn’t notice them at first, only on revising the photos.

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