Sometimes the spider wins

I often see a wasp in summer, dragging around a spider larger than itself, whose legs it has have ripped off the spider’s paralysed body. The wasp places the body in its egg chamber, all nice and fresh for the wasp’s larvae to eat when they hatch. Horror movie stuff, but that’s Nature sometimes. She doesn’t have human morality.

But occasionally it’s the other way around. I found this struggle on my umbrella yesterday.

Huntsman eats wasp; the spider is Holconia immanis, ID courtesy of Samii Lawson, Amateur Entomology Australia Facebook group

The huntsman was about 3 cm from tip of cephalothorax to tip of abdomen – a medium size for our subtropical species. They are great at keeping cockroaches in the house down, too.

This spider would have been fast to catch the wasp, and it is a fast hunter, but perhaps it was inspired by the thought of all its paralysed brethren.

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3 Responses to Sometimes the spider wins

  1. janebeau says:

    Good thing you weren’t already trying to open the umbrella!

  2. Kath says:

    What a drama!!
    We saw a spider from your general area (Bellingen) which looked the size of a saucer as it moved across the ceiling in our holiday rental. I was terrified and had to “forget about it”, in order to go to sleep. Yours is nice and harmless up close…

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