A tale of two herons

The Pacific reef heron (Egretta sacra) and the white-faced heron (Egretta novaehollandiae) are both commonly seen on Australia’s east coast.

This reef heron at Ballina was the dark morph – they also come in white. It was busy searching for crustaceans, fish, molluscs and worms in the rock pools …

… dodging the incoming rushes of water …

… poking here and poking there …

… even spreading its wings to shade the bottom in order to see prey better …

… and eventually giving up and flying away.

The white-faced heron is an inland bird as well as coastal. This one would have been looking for the same prey as the Pacific reef heron. We see them in our valley 30 km from the coast. On the farmlands they are looking for frogs, small reptiles and insects.

Better luck next time, birdies!

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2 Responses to A tale of two herons

  1. Ken Dorey says:

    Thanks for that Joy. I’m reasonable with my birds but I never knew there was a Reef Heron with the all dark face – if I’ve seen one I must never have picked up the anomaly. I’ll be watching from now on.

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