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When is a porcupine not a porcupine?

I do like a nice corpse. You can get up close to see intimate details and not worry about disturbing an animal. Of course, it’s sad to see something dead, but that’s life (or not). After a storm at Lighthouse … Continue reading

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Ambling in Bergen (part 2)

Unfortunately, the National Museum was closed for a year for refurbishment, so I was disappointed to miss that. But the National Aquarium (Akvariet) was only about 30 minutes’ walk from the hotel and the weather was perfect for it. Bergen … Continue reading

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The lion kings

You’ll not hear these lions roar (Jane in Cape Town says lions don’t roar but merely cough, and she should know – Attenborough and Disney, you lied!), but they can certainly do you an injury if you mess with them. … Continue reading

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Hastings Point marine museum

I’m a bit of a museum nut. Having worked as a curator’s assistant in the South Australian Museum of Natural History (marine invertebrates section), I appreciate the tremendous dedication, enthusiasm and plain hard work that goes into such places. Large … Continue reading

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I was looking through some old photos and came across these two, from my days as a curatorial assistant at the South Australian Museum. There’d been a call from the public about a “funny fish” washed up. It’s a sunfish, … Continue reading

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A mysterious bone

Found in a rock pool on the rock platform at Flat Rock yesterday … Update from the Queensland Museum; many thanks to Jeff Johnson, manager of the Ichthyology section: The jaw is from an eastern blue groper, Achoerodus viridis. The … Continue reading

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They’re doing it – they’re doing it now!

I have a long-standing fascination with the deep ocean. Hence my interest in Her Deepness Sylvia Earl, and my books on what’s known so far: Van Dover’s “The Octopus’s Garden” and “The Ecology of Deep-sea Hydrothermal Vents”, Broad’s “The Universe … Continue reading

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Melbourne Aquarium (part 2)

Continued from part 1 … The nautilus  has been on the planet around 500 million years. It lives at depth in the Indo-Pacific ocean. I haven’t yet found its shell washed up on a beach, but I’m still looking.

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Catfish skull

Here’s a catfish skull I found on the beach at Flat Rock, Ballina – I’m not sure which species exactly as we have several, both marine and freshwater, in Australia. It’s 12.5 cm (5 inches) long and 4.5 cm (about … Continue reading

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