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Ambling in Bergen (part 2)

Unfortunately, the National Museum was closed for a year for refurbishment, so I was disappointed to miss that. But the National Aquarium (Akvariet) was only about 30 minutes’ walk from the hotel and the weather was perfect for it. Bergen … Continue reading

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Peron’s tree frog

This past summer’s wet season was not very wet at all and we hardly heard any frogs nor saw any, apart from the odd desperate-looking cane toad. The noise of the male frogs of many species calling for mates at … Continue reading

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There’s a hole in the paddock, dear Lise, dear Lise

… and it’s because new fencing is going in. Our neighbours dug some post holes and inadvertently performed a small wildlife survey via these ‘pit traps’. Here’s the very common striped marsh frog (Limnodynastes peroni) …

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The laughing frog

Fleeing the dismal continual rain in Lismore for a few days, we visited Warwick in south-east Queensland, a two-hour drive from home. As soon as we crossed the border, the rain stopped. What was that old advertising slogan? “Queensland – … Continue reading

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A tad damp in Lismore

There’s been record flooding in Bundaberg and Grafton, and severe flooding in other places. We have been fortunate here in the valley. It’s very protected – hardly any wind whereas our neighbours on top of the mountain behind us said … Continue reading

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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (part 1)

I prefer to see wildlife in the wild (but not going as far as Dr Mike Leahy in his TV series “Bite Me”, where he travels to exotic wildlife places in search of interesting ways to get himself bitten or … Continue reading

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Emerald-spotted tree frog

It seems to be frog-spotting season. This one decided to live in my bathroom for a few days. It’s the emerald-spotted tree frog, also known as Peron’s tree frog (Litoria peronii). You can see the green spots in the photo … Continue reading

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A great barred frog

Last night was one of those weird nights when the wind was swooshing the trees around, and it couldn’t make up its mind whether it was cool or warm, so tried both alternately. The land itself seemed restless and it … Continue reading

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Frogs visible and invisible

The increasing showers and rain that herald the wet season bring a lot of frogs out. The male is the noisy one, calling for mates. This one lives in a flower pot. This is probably a young Litoria caerulea, with … Continue reading

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Death on the beaches

South Ballina Beach is a wild stretch of coastline, especially in winter. It takes a bit of effort to get there – over the Richmond River by ferry – so fewer people go there. It’s mostly frequented by beach fishermen … Continue reading

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