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The reptile and the monotreme

I heard the first boobook of the season the other night, and the first cicada. The mulberry tree’s leaves are growing back, and the whipbirds are going nuts with their call-and-response mating calls. Some frogs are even calling, and soon … Continue reading

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Ambling in Bergen (part 2)

Unfortunately, the National Museum was closed for a year for refurbishment, so I was disappointed to miss that. But the National Aquarium (Akvariet) was only about 30 minutes’ walk from the hotel and the weather was perfect for it. Bergen … Continue reading

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“Larnook to Erth. Come in, Erth.”

I’m fond of puppetry (Bunraku, Bear in the Big Blue House, The Muppets, The Storyteller, Greg the Bunny, The Wombles, The Clangers – some of these are not for kiddies) and dinosaurs (all of them), and when the two combine … Continue reading

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So dry the trees are looking for a dog

We had a great storm last night with tonnes of rain, so the title phrase does not apply, but it’s Australia Day, so I suppose I’d better be patriotic and say something fair dinkum. I’m celebrating the continent and its … Continue reading

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The silence in the forest

Walking along the tracks of Lord Howe Island’s palm forests was a strange experience. All I could hear was the wind through the palm leaves, the sea and the occasional rustle. At home when I hear rustling, it’ll be a … Continue reading

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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (part 1)

I prefer to see wildlife in the wild (but not going as far as Dr Mike Leahy in his TV series “Bite Me”, where he travels to exotic wildlife places in search of interesting ways to get himself bitten or … Continue reading

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Insect days

The warm and sunny autumn days of the last couple of weeks (until yesterday) have brought out the insects. The birds were probably very pleased when the rain stopped and they could get a decent feed. I found a stick … Continue reading

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In the wetlands, among the paperbarks

A lot of leaves had been ripped off trees and scattered on the ground by the recent Ballina hail storm, but luckily there were a lot left on high. An Australian white ibis (Threskiornis molucca) and an eastern water dragon … Continue reading

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Blue-tongued lizards

There are four species, including two subspecies, of blue-tongued lizards in Australia, and I saw a couple recently. The shingle-back, stumpy-tail or sleepy lizard (Tiliqua rugosa) lives in the drier areas of our continent, west of the Great Dividing Range … Continue reading

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