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A song of ice and flowers

(Despite the title of this piece, which seemed appropriate, I’ve not watched ‘Game of Thrones’ – I avoid violent TV, books and films. Andrew likes to point out that I enjoy ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and ‘Xena Warrior Princess’, which … Continue reading

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A tree of cultural significance

A couple of weeks ago I made a very short trip to Sydney to visit Prue, whom I had met on the subtropical rainforest ecology course in Maleny last year. She was about to embark on a camping trip in … Continue reading

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Glamping in the Glass House

I’ve done my time bushwalking and rough camping, so I looked forward to a more comfortable camping experience at the four-day subtropical forests ecology course starting last weekend. It was held at Maleny Retreat Weddings, overlooking the spectacular, volcanic Glass … Continue reading

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No go the mango

I love subtropical fruits – mangoes, paw paws and so on. When backpacking in Malaysia and Indonesia, I even managed to overcome the vomitous smell of durian to taste it – yummy! When we first moved here, I discovered we … Continue reading

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Native plant lists for Bungabee and Bentley areas

When revegetating land, it’s helpful to know what was originally in the area and what seed banks are likely to be in the soil once you get rid of the lantana and other weeds. These are the plants that are … Continue reading

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Not kissing anybody under this lot

In Australia we have something like 90 species of mistletoe, unlike Europe which has only one (Viscum album), the one with white flower traditionally smooched under at Christmas. But in Australia we don’t have a tradition of kissing under mistletoe, … Continue reading

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Orchid – Dipodium

Orchids are flowering lately … here’s one courtesy of the mountain behind our place. I didn’t see the orchid myself, but according to PlantNet there are five pink Dipodium species in New South Wales. The distribution maps don’t point to … Continue reading

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An Australian native ground orchid

Brigitte, who lives about 20 minutes’ drive from me at Barker’s Vale,, was kind enough to let me have these photos she took of Epipogium roseum, a native Australian ground orchid, on her property. Brigitte says there are only three … Continue reading

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A walk in the bush (part 3 of 3)

Continuing from part 1 and part 2 … Here’s a couple of insects before we return to the plants …

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A walk in the bush (part 1 of 3)

Recently I was invited to go with friends Mandy, Amy and Jackie on a bushwalk on the mountain behind where I live. It’s private property, and it’s always good to see such places when you get the chance. We walked … Continue reading

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