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Ambling in Bergen (part 2)

Unfortunately, the National Museum was closed for a year for refurbishment, so I was disappointed to miss that. But the National Aquarium (Akvariet) was only about 30 minutes’ walk from the hotel and the weather was perfect for it. Bergen … Continue reading

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Ruling the roof

Snakey is back! I should probably give him or her (let’s say ‘him’ for convenience, as it’s more likely – read below) a clever name like Ouroboros or Naga, but ‘Snakey’ is much quicker to say when I’m excitedly calling … Continue reading

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Carpet python eggs

Friend Peter send me these photos of the eggs of a carpet python (Morelia spilota mcdowelli) on his property at Ashby. The mother was wrapped around the bundle until his dog disturbed it. Note how soft the egg surface is. … Continue reading

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Tasmanian copperhead

Walking along the boardwalk at the Tamar Island Wetlands Reserve in Launceston, Tasmania, I thought these were red-bellied black snakes, common in my home area …  … but they were in fact lowland copperheads (Austrelaps superbus).  The copperhead is one … Continue reading

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The generosity of the Buddha

Even mundane chores can bring surprises. After setting up the washing machine, I became aware I had a companion – a baby brown tree snake or night tiger, Boiga irregularis. I’ve posted about these before here; they are so pretty. … Continue reading

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The night tiger in the day

I probably should have put a warning up on the last post: ‘Arachnophobes beware!’ So I’ll redeem myself this time: ‘Ophidiophobes beware!’ Last week I was moving a bed and mosquito net onto the front porch. It’s much more pleasant … Continue reading

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Tasmanian tiger … snake

I saw only stuffed museum specimens of the extinct Tasmanian tiger on my trip around Tasmania last December, but was fortunate to see the very unextinct Tasmanian tiger snake (Notechis scutatus) – in the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park on … Continue reading

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Steve Irwin Day

I found out it was Steve Irwin Day (15 November) a bit late in the day yesterday. Steve was a bit of a “roll your eyes” phenomenon in Australia – a bit over-the-top, but my estimation of him went up … Continue reading

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Bandy bandi bandi

I haven’t developed a tic, just an admiration for this lovely snake, the bandi bandi (Vermicella annulata). This photo was taken on a November 2011 (spring) evening by a neighbour on his property. Bandi bandis are small and grow to … Continue reading

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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (part 1)

I prefer to see wildlife in the wild (but not going as far as Dr Mike Leahy in his TV series “Bite Me”, where he travels to exotic wildlife places in search of interesting ways to get himself bitten or … Continue reading

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