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Slartibartfast’s finest work (part 2)

Glaciers and fjords in ‘Fairyland’ After the morning clouds cleared, we enjoyed perfect summer weather on the ferry from Balestrand to the village of Mundal in the region of Fjaerland, on the Sognefjord. (It is worth clicking on the links … Continue reading

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Meanwhile in Cape Town … the spider invasion

Friend Jane says there’s been an influx of Nephila fenestrata, the black-legged golden orbweaver, into suburban Cape Town. Where she lives, the strong webs of these spiders are being strung across walking paths as well as gardens. Luckily, it’s easy … Continue reading

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Antechinus and swamp rat

Friend Prue has kindly sent me photos of a couple of her native neighbours – the antechinus and the swamp rat. This antechinus is the yellow-footed or brown or dusky species. All three species live in her area of the … Continue reading

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Big Scrub Rainforest Day 2016

Unfortunately, I won’t be going to this as I will be on Lord Howe Island on a citizen science project investigating insects, but the program does look good. (Unfortunately?)

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Yes, we have some mammatus

Finally, on the way back from Hastings Point, we spotted a cloud formation I’ve been keen to see. It’s the aptly named ‘mammatus’. Other people have been in the right place at the right time and seen truly spectacular examples. … Continue reading

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Dinosaurs on the move

The Dinosaur Discovery exhibition at the Queensland Museum (developed by the Western Australian Museum and constructed by Chinese animatronic specialists) is pretty impressive. The website says: Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous gives you a chance to experience life on … Continue reading

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A whole lotta muscle!

Things that go bump in the night are always intriguing around here. Last night it was a crash from the back deck that had me investigating. It was the local carpet python (Morelia spilota), probably the one that occasionally lives … Continue reading

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Blue banded bee

When you think of bees, you might well visualise the introduced European honey bee (Apis mellifera), but Australia has over 1500 species of its own. Lately this Amegilla sp. has been buzzing loudly around. It is slightly smaller than the … Continue reading

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My little longicorn

I’ve seen a longicorn beetle previously, but this one is different: it looks like the sheep longicorn, Monohammus frenchi or Dihammus ovinus, according to Brisbane Insects. Update: Chris McKay at CSIRO asked one of their experts, who says its Disterna plumifera. … Continue reading

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Giant pink slugs and cannibal snails

These newly named snails might be in northern New South Wales, but unfortunately Mt Kaputar is a long way from me, otherwise I’d be tempted to go looking for them. Read the articles here and here. Thanks to Jane for … Continue reading

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