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The usual east coast low

Give me a minute while I extract my foot from my mouth. While it’s true that our spring has the lowest average rainfall in the year in this part of the subtropics, we do get the occasional east coast low … Continue reading

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Memories of a dust storm

Rebecca recently posted about the tremendous dust storm that Broken Hill, western NSW, got in September 2009. While she was in the midst of it, we on the east coast 1500 kilometres (930 miles) away got a pretty impressive share … Continue reading

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Cyclones that have visited me

Besides a couple of largish ‘east coast lows’ (we can’t officially call them cyclones because these storms don’t originate in the tropics) while living near Bangalow, my main claim to fame is cyclone Tracy, a category 5 which decided to … Continue reading

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Dogs of the sun

All this talk about weather reminds me of a meteorological phenomenon I’ve been privileged to see twice so far – the sun dog. More precisely, two sun dogs at a time, for they come in pairs, as the dogs running … Continue reading

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Snow and squirrels

Alan in Atlanta, Georgia, reports. Here in Atlanta a few days ago we had 6 inches of snow dumped on the city, so everything has ground to a halt. I suspect the fact that there’s an increase in the water … Continue reading

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Water always wins …

So said David Tennant in ‘The Waters of Mars’, and it’s proving true with the Queensland floods. For a change, Lismore has missed out – north and south of us are in a mess, though. Strange to think that Brisbane, … Continue reading

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