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Spring low tide at Flat Rock

The rock pools at Flat Rock have been covered in sand for a few months, but gradually the sand is clearing and seaweeds and algae (with associated fauna) are coming back. The lowest tides of the spring give a good … Continue reading

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How much wood would a wood duck … er … chuck?

Wood ducks (Chenonetta jubata, aka maned ducks) are common birds that hang around water, eating grasses, herbs and the occasional insect. They are so pretty and charming. Males (with the ‘mane’) and females have slightly different plumage (sexually dimorphic). You … Continue reading

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The calm before the storm

Doesn’t this look peaceful? Surfers on Lighthouse Beach, Ballina, contemplate the breaks. Even the dolphins were having a good time, catching waves, tail-slapping and cruising around for a snack of baitfish.     But appearances can be deceptive. Take a … Continue reading

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One that didn’t make it

Spring has arrived somewhat earlier than usual. The resident male bowerbird has been stealing the dried shoots off the water chestnuts for his bower, and rosellas are flying around in pairs looking for suitable nesting sites. The local magpies are … Continue reading

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When is a contrail not a contrail?

When it’s a distrail (dissipation trail) …

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Don’t come the raw prawn with me

Ballina is a fishing village, as well as retirement and tourist destination. We used to see a large fleet of prawn trawlers going over the bar every day, but the passage out to the ocean along the river has silted … Continue reading

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Ain’t we got fun?

It’s east coast low time again, folks – 3 weeks after the last one (reported here). Ballina, well-known for having the highest rainfalls in the immediate region,  had 151 mL in the last 24 hours – phooey, I say. We … Continue reading

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Another nice nudibranch

The new moon brought a very low tide, so off to Flat Rock. Fortunately it’s recovered from all that sand over winter, and there were lots of animals, shells and so on in the rock pools. I was especially pleased … Continue reading

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What the sea dragged in

“Dangerous surf” warnings usually signal a good time to beach-comb. You never know what is going to turn up. This time, it was jellyfish in the wrong place at the wrong time, and unable to avoid being smashed up or … Continue reading

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Gull-billed tern

I’ve found out about the mysterious fish bone that I talked about in my last post. Go there for an update. ——————————————————————————— I’m a lazy birdwatcher, and don’t strive too hard to add to my “life list”. But when a … Continue reading

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