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The generosity of the Buddha

Even mundane chores can bring surprises. After setting up the washing machine, I became aware I had a companion – a baby brown tree snake or night tiger, Boiga irregularis. I’ve posted about these before here; they are so pretty. … Continue reading

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The night tiger in the day

I probably should have put a warning up on the last post: ‘Arachnophobes beware!’ So I’ll redeem myself this time: ‘Ophidiophobes beware!’ Last week I was moving a bed and mosquito net onto the front porch. It’s much more pleasant … Continue reading

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Steve Irwin Day

I found out it was Steve Irwin Day (15 November) a bit late in the day yesterday. Steve was a bit of a “roll your eyes” phenomenon in Australia – a bit over-the-top, but my estimation of him went up … Continue reading

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