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A tiger in the bushes

Why are some butterflies called by common names such as ‘tigers’ and ‘crows’? If anyone can enlighten me, I’d appreciate it. I saw this blue tiger (Tirumala hamata) in Ballina last week. These butterflies live all year round in north … Continue reading

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Finally – a Richmond birdwing!

I’ve been waiting to see the beautiful Richmond birdwing butterfly (Ornithoptera richmondia) since I moved to the Northern Rivers (18 years ago). Admittedly I have not tried very hard – didn’t go to likely places of encounter. But now I … Continue reading

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Yes, there are tigers in Australia

… and I don’t just mean the late lamented extinct Tasmanian tigers. Butterflies of the subfamily Danainae are commonly called ‘crows’ or ‘tigers’, but I really don’t know why. Our neighbours have peacocks, but I haven’t noticed these butterflies stalking … Continue reading

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Close encounters of the lepidopteran kind

Down Copmanhurst way, about two and a half hours’ drive south of me, it’s a very different environment to the subtropics where I live. The soil on Mazza’s property is virtually sand although it’s a long way from the coast. … Continue reading

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Tailed emperor butterfly

Last week I found a butterfly, wet and still and horizontal and apparently dead, on the back steps. I took it inside, thinking to add it to my meagre collection when it had dried out. A couple of days later, … Continue reading

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