Best mailbox ever!

Here in the countryside, we often see interesting things used as mailboxes – old milk cans, small metal animals and so forth. An acquaintance has an old toilet bowl (cleaned) with lid at the bottom of her driveway, as she figures her bills deserve nothing less. Fortunately no one has made more, shall we say, appropriate deposits.

About 40 km from Tenterfield, nearing the small town of Deepwater (I keep wanting to call it “Dark Water”, after the penultimate Doctor Who episode last season), we were playing I-spy to pass the time … paddocks, boulders, cows, trees, sheep, sheep, dalek, sheep – WHAT?!

A dalek called "Dwater"

A dalek called “Dwater”

It’s about 5’6″ tall, and designed as a mailbox. A plaque nearby tells the story …

The story of the Deepwater dalek

The story of the Deepwater dalek

I can imagine this dalek wandering the hills looking for verminous victims to exterminate – did it shriek “Ex-vermin-ate!”?

For sale: TARDIS on acreage

Seen out the back of Mullumbimby (inland of Byron Bay) on the weekend …

Photo by Cath Clark

Geronimo! (Photo by Cath Clark)

[Update: You can get inside a TARDIS on Google Maps – just follow the instructions here.]

I’m pleased with my new “My family” stickers (available from here) …

My other car is a TARDIS

My other car is a TARDIS

Talking about pop, pop, pop culture

And that’s enough referencing of ’80’s music, thank you.

The weekend saw another Gold Coast SupaNova pop culture event. I talked about last’s year’s event here.

It’s always fun to see the enthusiasms of so many people, singles, couples and families, whether they dress up as their favourite SF, movie, anime or game character. Literally wall-to-wall fans of every genre – there’s even (whisper) wrestling. I guess that’s pop culture, too.

Many authors were sitting at tables with their novels, looking lonely, so we chatted to a few and they were all keen to talk. One was award-winning fantasy, SF and comics writer Tad Williams – we didn’t actually know who he was, but he was a pleasure to talk with. We were gasbagging merrily away, then realised there was a queue behind us to see him. Oops – so we moved on.

There were too many fabulous costumes to take photos of, so I just stuck to my own fandoms. They shouldn’t be too hard to guess.

Here’s Souffle Girl …

Dalek Clara at SupaNova Gold Coast April 2013

Dalek Clara (Doctor Who)

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Feeding my inner sci-fi fan

I was a big sci-fi fan at uni (guess it goes with the science curriculum), attending conventions and helping organise one or two, travelling interstate to visit other uni SF groups. I don’t read much fiction these days, although I do enjoy Terry Pratchett’s novels, “Doctor Who” and intelligent (in my own humble opinion) genre fiction (like, yes folks, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and anything Joss Whedon).

Last November we’d gone to the media convention “SupaNova” in Brisbane. We’d arrived early, got in the cash queue (much quicker than the credit card queue) and were just about third in the door. But going on Friday to avoid the weekend crowds meant we missed out on the cosplayers (people who enjoy dressing up as their favourite characters from the movies, graphic novels, animation and sci-fi/fantasy fiction).

This time the event was much closer, at the Gold Coast. The merchandise stalls were not open on Friday, so we opted for Saturday. We’d stopped at the Uki farmers’ market on the way, so arrived at the convention centre half an hour after the opening. The car queue for parking was immense, but kept moving. Then it took us 30 minutes to actually get in the doors. Luckily the organisers were very organised, as it seemed all 23,400 attendees from November’s event were there that morning, and there were plenty of staff to shepherd people in the right direction. The cash queue was long but still the fastest way to get in, as the credit card queue was hundreds of metres long.

A plus side of waiting in line was getting a good look at the many costumes as we shuffled along. Some people had made their own; others had bought them “off the rack”. I particularly enjoyed this pair – it’s not every day you meet the Warrior Princess away from Ancient Greece …

Xena and Gabrielle cosplayers

Xena and Gabrielle on the Gold Coast

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Not enough monsters!

<GEEK ALERT! NON-DR WHO FANS NEED NOT READ THIS POST. Apologies for the poor quality of the photos, but my camera was not up to the conditions. You’ll get some idea, though, of what it was like.>

Those three words in the heading are my mini-review of the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, this afternoon at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor, welcomes the audience. Seems he might be visiting Oz again soon

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