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Studies in grey

It was a grey old day on the lowest spring tide day at Flat Rock, Ballina, last weekend. But – nudibranchs! (More on them later) Andrew took these shots of seabirds – a pied cormorant (Phalacrocorax varius) and a little … Continue reading

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The caress of the octopus

It’s like this. I was standing in a rock pool at Flat Rock, Ballina last weekend. Low tide. Good critters, like this one …

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Another nice nudibranch

The new moon brought a very low tide, so off to Flat Rock. Fortunately it’s recovered from all that sand over winter, and there were lots of animals, shells and so on in the rock pools. I was especially pleased … Continue reading

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Gull-billed tern

I’ve found out about the mysterious fish bone that I talked about in my last post. Go there for an update. ——————————————————————————— I’m a lazy birdwatcher, and don’t strive too hard to add to my “life list”. But when a … Continue reading

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A small crinoid

I bet I’ve looked in hundreds of rock pools and seen crinoids (feather stars), but just didn’t recognise them. They look like seaweed but are really animals. This one was waving its arms in a decidedly unplant-like manner and wouldn’t … Continue reading

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A mysterious bone

Found in a rock pool on the rock platform at Flat Rock yesterday … Update from the Queensland Museum; many thanks to Jeff Johnson, manager of the Ichthyology section: The jaw is from an eastern blue groper, Achoerodus viridis. The … Continue reading

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Earth star?

I’m not sure of this one – it looks like an old earth star (Geastrum species), but I can’t see any ‘rays’. Perhaps they have rotted away. It’s on the sand dunes at Flat Rock. The globe contains the tiny … Continue reading

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