Melbourne Aquarium (part 1)

My satellite hardware has now been replaced – yay! Five weeks without home internet access has been very frustrating, especially having to drive into town almost every working day to check work email. But that’s over now, and the new connection is about four times faster than the old one so the World Wide Wait is a little shorter.

We spent a week in Melbourne recently, and I’ll write about that later. First I want to tell you about the Melbourne Aquarium. I’m fond of aquariums as I get to cheat and see my favourite animals – the underwater ones – with little effort. I wrote about the Georgia Aquarium a while ago – the Melbourne Aquarium is much smaller but it has some good exhibits.

Penguins are popular exhibits in aquariums – these gentoo (Pygoscelis papua) and king penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus) are not too far from their homes. Considering Melbourne’s weather at times, they probably feel right at home!

Gentoo penguin Melbourne Aquarium

Gentoo penguin – some were moulting and looking a little fluffy

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