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Giant panda snail

It isn’t black and white, doesn’t eat bamboo, and certainly isn’t cuddly – no one seems to know why this largest of Australian land snails is called ‘panda’. Think of an ordinary garden snail but blown up to a size … Continue reading

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Giant pink slugs and cannibal snails

These newly named snails might be in northern New South Wales, but unfortunately Mt Kaputar is a long way from me, otherwise I’d be tempted to go looking for them. Read the articles here and here. Thanks to Jane for … Continue reading

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The silence in the forest

Walking along the tracks of Lord Howe Island’s palm forests was a strange experience. All I could hear was the wind through the palm leaves, the sea and the occasional rustle. At home when I hear rustling, it’ll be a … Continue reading

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A walk in the bush (part 1 of 3)

Recently I was invited to go with friends Mandy, Amy and Jackie on a bushwalk on the mountain behind where I live. It’s private property, and it’s always good to see such places when you get the chance. We walked … Continue reading

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