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Sea cucumbers, stars and urchins on Lord Howe

I was going to call this post “the pentaradials”, because sea cucumbers, sea stars, brittle stars and sea urchins all have similar body plans (fivefold symmetry), but decided I was trying too hard. It’s a good excuse to group them … Continue reading

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Between a rock and a sandy place

I flipped not my  lid, but a rock on a rock platform this morning on the coast in northern New South Wales, for International Rock-flipping Day (this year 11 September 2011). Here’s what was underneath.

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A gloomy day, full of life

Perhaps the heavily overcast conditions on Saturday fooled the critters at Flat Rock into thinking that it was dusk and wake-up time, but I have rarely seen so much life in the rock pools in one session. For starters, we … Continue reading

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Beach wanderings

At Flat Rock, the beach was very clean – smooth sand and little debris of any kind, whether plastic, seaweed or shells. The low tide was the lowest it had been for a while, so the correspondingly high high tide … Continue reading

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