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A whole lotta muscle!

Things that go bump in the night are always intriguing around here. Last night it was a crash from the back deck that had me investigating. It was the local carpet python (Morelia spilota), probably the one that occasionally lives … Continue reading

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Bandy bandi bandi

I haven’t developed a tic, just an admiration for this lovely snake, the bandi bandi (Vermicella annulata). This photo was taken on a November 2011 (spring) evening by a neighbour on his property. Bandi bandis are small and grow to … Continue reading

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Steve lives! (part 3)

More comments from friends about the late Crocodile Hunter: I have always thought of Steve Irwin as a likable boofhead rather than a serious contributor to our understanding of biology (durrrh!). Though his almost childlike enthusiasm was genuine and endearing, his need to … Continue reading

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Close encounters of the snakey kind

It’s autumn, so encounters with snakes are going to get few and far between as they settle down for a season or two of inactivity. But a news item last night, about a boy bitten by a red-bellied black snake, … Continue reading

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