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Sympathy for the devil

This was sunset on the wild shore of Arthur River, north-west Tasmania, a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately, it looks as though there will not be a spectacular sunset, or a sunset of any kind, for the Tasmanian devil species. … Continue reading

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Tasmania ate my hiking boots

Well, they had to go sometime, and the dense forest and heath just north of Arthur River in north-west Tasmania had their way with them. At least it happened after the research part of the trip was complete. The right … Continue reading

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Or should that be Tazzie-ho? Mossie or mozzie? Aussie or Auzzie? What the heck, I’m heading there anyway to pester devils and ideally avoid mossies – click here for details. Talk to you when I get back!

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Consorting with the devil

Tasmanian devils have a big problem in the form of devil facial tumour disease (DFTD). The population of the already endangered species has plummeted. This heart-breaking photo says it all. [Update: To protect the squeamish, I’ve put the confronting photo … Continue reading

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Two weeks in Tassie (part 1)

Sitting here waiting for the ex-cyclone’s rain to pass, it seems fitting to review my Tassie trip of last December. It’s calm here in the valley, and we had only 65 mL yesterday, but on the coast it’s wild and … Continue reading

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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (part 1)

I prefer to see wildlife in the wild (but not going as far as Dr Mike Leahy in his TV series “Bite Me”, where he travels to exotic wildlife places in search of interesting ways to get himself bitten or … Continue reading

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