The night tiger in the day

I probably should have put a warning up on the last post: ‘Arachnophobes beware!’

So I’ll redeem myself this time: ‘Ophidiophobes beware!’

Last week I was moving a bed and mosquito net onto the front porch. It’s much more pleasant to sleep in the cool night air rather than in the house in these hot temperatures – we’ve had a couple of 37C (98F) daytime max. already this spring.

It’s also lovely to fall asleep to the quiet noises of the bush – the hoarse braying of the boy koala calling for a lady-love, the shrieks of the channel-billed cuckoo and the rising yells of the koel all night (if it doesn’t explode soon, I ^%$#@ will). Yes, the countryside is sure full of peace and quiet.

Anyhoo – we left the insect screen and wooden door open for quite a while while moving the furniture. At some point I noticed the following …

Boiga irregularis, or night tiger

Boiga irregularis, or night tiger

Boiga irregularis, know locally as the brown tree snake or night tiger, are very common around home, but while we may appreciate them, they are a serious pest in Guam where they are an invasive species responsible for the extinction of many of Guam’s native birds.

They are said to be highly aggressive, but I’ve stepped on one inside the house (related here) and it didn’t bite me.  They are no doubt quite defensive when they feel threatened, as any sensible animal would be. And fair enough, too. I did get bitten by a baby one through my own stupidity, but the only outcome for me was surprise and regret for the snake (related here).

Not wanting to go through another ‘step on the snake’ experience, we gently closed the wooden door. An hour or so later it was gone, probably back into the roof cavity or off to eat some bird eggs. Of those lousy loud cuckoos? Please?

At least night tigers don’t yell all through the night. Hoo*&%$#ray!

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